Impressionist Garden CD | Mark Wesling

Impressionist Garden (2007)

12 original compositions for solo guitar

1. Grace     2:48
2. Cedar Trees     3:05
3. Maria     3:23
4. Birds     3:27
5. Water Lilies     3:27
6. Book Fair     2:57
7. Day Break     3:07
8. Lilacs     2:58
9. Roses     2:19
10. Sunflowers     3:01
11. Cherry Blossoms     2:27
12. Be the Bridge (Arrangement for guitar)     3:02

“You just keep getting better!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and may GOD bless.”
— Robert & Patricia Reynolds, Harrisburg PA

“I listen to your [Impressionist Garden] CD after work and it is so relaxing. I just love it.”
— Tamara, Hershey PA

A Day of Music CD | Mark Wesling

A Day of Music (2002)

11 original compositions and a favorite Fernando Sor composition for solo guitar

1. Forward Momentum     6:06
2. Morning Thoughts     2:34
3. Opus 35 #24 (Fernando Sor)     3:40
4. Falling Leaves     4:51
5. Evening Song     3:06
6. Resolutions     5:45
7. Nothing to Do     2:38
8. Turning Decisions     4:00
9. Moving Clouds     2:32
10. Misty Dusk     3:16
11. Droplets     3:25
12. Skating     4:51

“I’ve been listening to ‘A Day of Music’ and really enjoy it!”
— Jason Smith, Harrisburg PA

“We played your new CD yesterday and loved it even more than the first one!”
— Ken & April Copel, North Carolina

Dream Dance CD | Mark Wesling

Dream Dance (2000)

8 popular classics (Romantic, Spanish Classical, Contemporary and Sacred) and 14 original compositions for solo guitar

1. Opus 35 #22 (Fernando Sor)     2:36
2. Snowflight (Andrew York)     1:58
3. Willow (Andrew York)     1:46
4. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (J.S. Bach, Arr. Joseph Castle)     3:11
5. Open Our Eyes (Robert Cull, Arr. Rick Foster)     3:29
6. The Rose in the Garden (Carlo Domeniconi)     1:23
7. Nocturne (Johann Mertz)     2:38
8. Opus 35 #18 (Sor)     1:53
9. For My Brother (original composition)     2:56
10. The River (original composition)     2:13
11. Spring (original composition)     2:47
12. Morning Song (original composition)     3:16
13. Divertimento for Guitar, “Blessings of a Broken Heart” Prelude     1:27
14. Rain     2:37
15. Thoughts     2:33
16. Walking     3:29
17. Rainbow     2:25
18. A Sigh     1:35
19. Emotions     1:35
20. Nightfall     1:50
21. Dream Dance     2:42
22. Listening – Improvisation     5:08

“The playing is gentle and delicate, and I especially liked much of the Divertimento, which had a nice vulnerability and a sense of forward momentum. Congratulations!” — David Leisner (Classical Guitarist and Composer), New England Conservatory of Music

“What a great collection of pieces! I like your original compositions and drawings. What great talents you have been blessed with. I’ll make sure little Jacob gets a regular dose of it.” — Panna Idowu, Penn State Capital Campus


Be the Bridge with Mark Wesling and Liza Kawaller (2004)

Enhanced CD includes 13 original songs for voice, guitar, violin and more. This CD also includes Children’s Lyrics and Guitar Chord Sheets in Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader files so you can sing and play along!

1. William the Monkey
2. Chocolate Milk Song
3. Glowy Shoes
4. Hop, Skip and Jump
5. Anything is Possible
6. The Rotten Apple
7. Why Do I Have 10 Toes?
8. Birthday Wishes
9. It’s Summertime!
10. The Time Goes by So Fast
11. Be the Bridge
12. Puzzling Puzzles
13. Reason to Sing

“That this production is based upon a message of promoting positive school and family relationships–with a further emphasis on people working together to help others–are timely messages in this sometimes cynical world. In the race for personal gain in a society based upon individual freedom, we need to remind citizens that our nation and society were built as a result of collective civic and social endeavor. I therefore hope that your CD is broadly heard and well received.” — Stephen R. Reed, Mayor of Harrisburg

“Thanks for producing such family-friendly music.” — Monica Lurtz, Riverside CA

Christmas Waiting CD | Mark Wesling

Christmas Waiting with Mark Wesling and Liza Kawaller (2003)

Enhanced CD includes 3 popular classics and 4 original songs for voice and guitar (violin for 3 & 5) and 4 popular classics for solo guitar. This CD also includes Children’s Lyrics and Guitar Chord Sheets in Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader files for original works.

1. Christmas Waiting (Mark Wesling)
2. The Little Drummer Boy (K. Davis, H. Onorati & H. Simeone)
3. Kelsey the Christmas Cat (Wesling)
4. Good King Wenceslas (Traditional, Arr. John Duarte)
5. Can You Hear the Bells? (Wesling)
6. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! (S. Cahn & J. Styne)
7. O Come, All Ye Faithful (Traditional, Arr. John Duarte)
8. My First Plane Ride (Wesling)
9. Silent Night (J. Mohr & F. Gruber)
10. What Child is This? (Greensleeves, Arr. John Duarte)
11. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn, Arr. John Duarte)

“Buy this CD, if not to enjoy the guitar and violin stylings of Mark (and Troy Engle, violinist), then to melt at the sounds of Liza’s shimmering vocal offerings. Great new find… Broadway, WATCH OUT!” — A music fan from Oregon, WA
Be the Bridge Mug | Mark Wesling

Be the Bridge Mug

Enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate (or a tall cup of coffee for parents!) while listening to “Be the Bridge” or any of Mark’s other CDs.

Thank you for supporting an independent musician and new music!